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General Conditions

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General Conditions

Article 1.

These general conditions are integral part of services of AdriaLink d.o.o. travel agency (further in the text: organizer), seated in Rijeka, address: Istarska bb, VAT number: HR87381513064, ID CODE: HR-AB-51-040342306 to the user of the services (further in the text: guest). All information and conditions stated in the following text commit to adherence both by agency and the guest.


Article 2.

Organizer undertakes to respect the privacy of all its users and their data ensuring that the said will not be available to third parties or used for marketing purposes without the prior approval of the same. Organizer collects only the necessary user information crucial for the execution of the reservation.


All information provided will be kept strictly confidential and available only to those employees who need such information to perform their duties. All employees of the organizer and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy policy.


Article 3.

By using the web site of the organizer or any of the services contained therein, one accepts the terms of use which can be found here. If one does not agree with the terms do not use this web site.


Article 4.

The information on this site is believed to be correct at time of publishing. All data will be regularly revised and any possible errors removed. The organizer reserves the right to change information on this website without notice.


Article 5.

By using this site the guest agrees that the information given here will not be used for forbidden or illegal purposes or actions.


Article 6.

The organizer reserves the right to change these terms of use or other conditions.


Article 7.

The purpose of organizer’s web site is to help users obtain information about the offer of Zrce Spring Break Festival (venue, packages, program, booking and payment). Please note that for a transaction through this site one must be of legal age, and that one accepts financial responsibility for transactions made personally or minors who living in the household. One is responsible for the supervision of minors who use information here, and for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided for the implementation of the reservation or financial transactions.


Article 8.

The organizer’s site may contain links to other companies or individuals. These links are for your convenience, and the organizer is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or the content of these pages.


Article 9.

Offer of the arrangements is listed on the web site.  Additional information of the arrangements can be made at the offices of the organizer, by the delivery of the necessary data via fax, e-mail or via the Internet. Offer is considered binding after being paid by the guest.  Full payment is required. In case of cancellation at any time no refund is provided.


Article 10.

Content of arrangement includes items mentioned in the program. Some special and extra services (transfers, excursions, boat parties ...) that are not included in the published price of the arrangement, which organizer can provide and engage in offer, the guest pays extra. For special additional services that organizer cannot provide and include in the offer, requested by the guest, the organizer  holds no responsibility. 



Article 11.

Offered accommodation facilities are in line with the official categorization of the local tourist office or other competent authority at the time of application. The standards of accommodation in different places and countries are different and not comparable. The information which the guest receives orally at the sale, by telephone, in writing or otherwise by an unauthorized person, does not commit the organizer to a greater extent than information given on the site.


Article 12.

The guest will accept officially registered accommodation unit for rent at the given facility.

Check in time is typically from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m. and check out must be executed by 10.a.m.

In case of later arrival the guest is obliged to notify the organizer.


Article 13.

On the day of arrival all possible complaints and reclamations regarding accommodation must be made. Should the complaint be found justified from the side of the organizer, the bearer of possible compensation is the landlord of the unit.

Also, on the day of arrival all guests occupying the unit must submit their passports or personal ID to the landlord in order to be registered by the Tourist Board.

Refusing to perform any of above stated actions will result in denial of the use of the unit. Neither apartment landlord nor the organizer will be held responsible.

Personal documentation is to be returned to the guests in the shortest possible period, possibly on the same day.


Article 14.

Gusts are expected to behave in acceptable manner.  Any deviation (misbehaviour due to intoxicated state, excessive loudness, aggressive behaviour, disturbance of public peace and order, etc...) can result in discharge from the unit with no money refund.  In case of excessive inappropriate behaviour, one is subject to submission to the local law authorities.


Article 15.

During the stay in Novalja, one is expected to respect the Code of Conduct issued by Tourism Authority of Novalja. More information on the subject is to be found in the office of the organizer, office of the Tourist Board of the City of Novalja and other authorized units.


Article 16.

Organizer can make a significant change to the Festival, including without limitation any change to the head-line act, performers, venue or program in which case all notifications will be provided on web site. In exceptional circumstances (war, strikes, terror acts, illness, death, traffic accident, etc.) which can cause partial or complete cancelation of services organizer is not held responsible.


Article 17.

Possible complaints and reclamations related to the services of the organizer must be made during the use of the same. The representative of the organizer will try to resolve any possible disputes and offer solutions. Both parties will act in a good will manner.


Article 18.

These general conditions are an integral part of the agreement between the organizer and the guest.  Possible/predicted deviations from these general conditions shall be stated in the text of the program offer on the web site.

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